Have you ever wondered what has been the most common and constant factor in the evergreen and popular hit movies of Indian Bollywood Industry right from old wines – Anarkali (1953), Mughal-e-Azam (1960)) to till recent like Jodhaa Akbar (2008), Bajirao Mastani (2015), Padmaavat (2018)? It is an irreplaceable love for handmade rugs and carpets which are not merely placed as silent runners throughout the important movie scenes but playing an impactful vocal role just like that of a strong B-town hero and aesthetically beautiful heroine by adding up a big heap of Authenticity, Class and Substance to the entire visual storyline of the movie.

Certainly, a vivid enhancement of the entire surroundings is the most important reason why even super rich celebrities, movie producers, actors, ministers and international tourists prefer to buy handmade rugs and carpets of India. All thanks to the leading handmade rugs and carpets manufacturers of India like Moolhome.com who have not only popularized the precious tradition of hand weaving and hand knitting through their timeless creations and masterpieces for B-town but have kept the legacy going on with their constant artwork and innovation.

Will Moolhome be a good place for you to buy handmade rugs and carpets?

It’s not bragging if you can back it up – Mohammad Ali.

Carrying an unmatchable goodwill and name-fame in the industry of handmade rugs and carpets didn’t happen overnight for Moolhome.com as the beginning of its journey dates back to 1989 with the founder Mool Raj Kishore who then envisioned the success of India’s Traditional Weaving Techniques which is flourishing now through Moolhome.com as –

  • Its handmade rugs and carpets are a true evidence of intricate artwork and contemporary design which makes it timeless and trending forever
  • Generations of skilled artisans and local weavers of India are the real workforce of Moolhome who sometimes dedicate themselves for many months to make you buy handmade rugs and carpets
  • Use of both – traditional handwoven and hand tufted technique in manufacturing process makes its handmade rugs and carpets superior with high on elegance and quality
  • Top of all, Moolhome’s perfect blend of world’s most superior wool; New Zealand wool, low impact dyes, sustainable materials and energy efficient processes generates least environmental impact and maximum durability of its handmade rugs and carpets

But why should you buy handmade rugs and carpets?

Traditional Artwork Pays You Back – Have you ever tried selling old coins? The older the coin is, the more appreciation and money it can get you in the market (but only if currency is valid till the date of auction). Investing in handmade rugs and carpets is one step up than investing in old coins as it cannot only uplift the vibe of your place but you can make a lot of money by selling Indian handmade rugs and carpets to your own relatives, friends, business associations and international clients as industry recognized traditional artwork like that of Moolhome is always in demand, be it national or international market. So, buy handmade rugs and carpets to unlock your share of happiness and joy.

Source – moolhome rugs and carpet exporter